#1 Best Video Creation Software For Beginners

Best Video Creation Software For Beginners to help turn your article content into videos, quickly? If so, read more below!

turn your articles into videos

Are you looking for the Best Video Creation Software For Beginners?  If so, you’re gonna love how simple and easy this editing software is to use. Here is the breakdown of how to use it. This video creation software begins with a piece of written content. It breaks the content into small sections and incorporates pictures/images into the scenes.  It is a modern interactive tool for making video content. It uses artificial intelligence to find appropriate images in the content, essentially creating a video story out of the content you provided.

You can read the script in your voice or if you are a little shy no worries as they even have AI voices that can read content and provide a voiceover for you. This technology is amazing and sounds exactly like a person is speaking during the video.

The database with royalty images provides numerous options for your video. If the software utilizes a picture you do not like, you can easily change the image with the copyrighted images provided by the software. There are hundreds of thousands of images of all types to choose from. You can even choose to incorporate actual moving video into your scenes.

Money Loves Speed – Best Video Creation Software For Beginners

If the AI software produces a video that moves a little too fast through one area of the video, you can easily slow down that section of the story with no worries. It is amazing how quickly and easily you can turn your written content into video. It’s great for affiliate marketing as you know how popular video has become you can even start a YouTube channel and not only put it on your blog but it is also recommended that you add it to your YT channel too.

A few months ago there was video creation software called Vidnami. Vidnami was great for producing videos quickly utilizing article content. It uses Artificial intelligence AI to read your content, break it up into short sentences, pull pictures, and then use real AI voices to create a video. The company sold the software to GoDaddy, and many highly disappointed subscribers loved using it as the new company took it offline to improve it and incorporate it with their older technology.

Fear not though, we have a great recommendation here for you today! And, the best part is it is super user-friendly and will have you cranking out videos like a well-oiled machine in no time. This company has taken some of Vidnami’s finer aspects and incorporated them into its software. And, this company has gained a lot of the old Vidnami monthly subscribers and has had an influx of money from outside investment.

This company is promising new and cutting-edge improvements here in the next few months. Folks in the know are saying that with these new features, they might have to raise the monthly prices to offset some of the dev costs. However, if you are currently a paying monthly member you might get grandfathered into the old payment structure.

So we highly recommend you give this software a try. We do not think it will disappoint and again hopefully with get to stay on the old payment plan when the new features are rolled out here in the near future.

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