How To Start A Blog

How to start a blog

Getting Started

How To Start A Blog?

It is really easy to start a blog. There are many free blog builders out there for you to choose from for free.

Or, what I recommend, is getting your own hosting, buying a domain, and then use WordPress to build out your own blog.

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Control Your Asset

When starting a blog you control, you’ll have more flexibility and independence over your content, and your customizations, and much more.

Start by sharing your passion and or select a topic or niche as it is referred to associated with “Health, Wealth, & Happiness.” These three niches are what they refer to as “Evergreen Niches,” niches that will always be relevant, always be in demand, and always have the potential to deliver a good amount of revenue.

What you blog about is totally up to you! You can start your own blog based on your favorite hobby, sport, activity, or topic that interests you. Having a blog that interests you will make it seem like it does not work and will keep you producing content because you like it. Basically, it won’t feel like work, you would do it for free, and will be rewarding when you post new content or make a video.

Making anything monetarily speaking, would be a major bonus! And if we’re being honest, it’s all about doing something we love and if we can make some money from it would be awesome. Read below to get some ideas on how to start a blog and make money in 2022 below. If you are gonna start blogging on a passion of yours, you might as well start at least covering all the expenses of blogging and make some pocket change too!

The key to making money off your blog is consistency. Add new content every few days and offer promotions in between so that you can monetize it correctly with congruent offers, then watch as the income grows quickly!

how to start a blog

Blog Niche Examples

Say you’ve lost some weight on the Ketogenic Diet over the past year and want to share that with others to help them start losing weight. A blog centered around the Ketogenic Lifestyle, recipes, etc. may be an awesome blog idea.

Now that you’re an expert on this topic, start adding your favorite recipes and or start sharing your weight loss or fitness journey with others who are interested in this lifestyle.

Put some amazon affiliate links in the content of your blog posts so that when readers or visitors to the blog can click on them. If they buy the product via your link Amazon will reward you with a small percentage of the sale.

I know another person that loves working with wood and started a blog focused on woodworking. He writes posts pertaining to the different projects that he is working on and links out to tools he recommends. He also has banners on the header and in the sidebar that links to “shed blueprints” on Clickbank that show folks how to build their own shed.

Another way to monetize the blog is by putting clickable banners in the header or sidebar of your blog. That way if visitors click on the banner they are taken to a product offer where if they buy the product you receive an affiliate commission.

The key is to put banners in the headers and sidebars that are directly related to the niche. For instance, if you are visiting a woodworking blog you probably wouldn’t want to put links in the content to Amazon for weight loss supplements. Or have in the header or sidebar links to sewing products.

how to start a blog and make money

Keyword Research

Another key to getting started quickly is to do good keyword research. Look for keywords with low competition and lower search volume so that you can get the post ranking quickly to get visitors flowing to your site (and potentially clicking on affiliate links) so you can make some commissions.

I recommend you look for long-tail keywords and you work that keyword into your post title. Do not try to compete with the big boys right away as that takes time. The key here is to get you fast results so you can start making some affiliate sales.

This will help to keep you motivated when you start to see the money rolling in. It will also help ensure your consistent effort and dedicated work time towards the growth of your blog.

Do not look for perfection. Rather start small and start creating content for your blog. Then start to grow your traffic, consistency is the key.

Make the time to post content as often as you can (daily or weekly), start networking with others in your niche so that they will share and link back to your site. Be sure to put your new post links on your social media accounts so you get people you know or have connections with visiting your website.


Let us conclude by saying thank you for reading our post, “How to start a blog!

One Final Word of advice! Please do not start a blog or business that you have no interest in, it will be hard for you to generate content if you’re not interested in what you are writing about.

You can start out small and grow your audience over time with the content that you are putting out.

This is a great start to make some extra money/lifestyle income for yourself all while doing something you’re passionate about. So, what are you waiting for, click the link below and get the course we recommned. Again, it is a complete course and one we here at highly recommend. Click below now to learn more…..


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