A Legit Way To Make Money From Home Get A P.I.G.

If you’re like most people nowadays, then you are probably looking for opportunities to make money from home online. Especially with Covid-19 and the havoc, it has wreaked upon the world.

We would like to share this awesome opportunity with our readers to give them a chance to make passive income at home by setting up a Helium Hotspot at your home.

Make Money From Home

How To Get Your Very Own P. I. G.?

make money from home

Who doesn’t want their own cute little pig??? Well, one of those cute, little farm animals is not what we’re referring to.

The “PIG” I referenced here is an acronym for Passive Income Generator!! Or what is better known as a hotspot that helps the “Internet of Things” (IoT) as it is often referred to, and is helping folks make money at home, passively month after month.

Essentially the IoT is a secondary internet that helps run all the smart devices we use. These hotspots are popping up all over the place helping assist this IoT performance.

Owners of the hotspots are instructed to place them in their highest window and away from any metal screens etc.

These hotspots use FM radio-type signals to authenticate, interrogate, or witness users trying to access these devices. The range of these hotspots is anywhere from 3 – 10 miles depending on the density of the population.

The hotspots need to have other devices located in the area to communicate.

When your specific hotspot performs one of these tasks you are rewarded for the work and will be rewarded with a percentage of Helium HNT cryptocurrency. Which can be easily converted to US dollars.

Folks are making passive income from these devices as they work their magic in the background. Again, the only thing you need to do is the initial set-up of the hotspot when you receive it.

The whole set-up process takes approximately 5 minutes or less and is not very technical. Essentially, screw in the antennae, plug the hotspot in, and then download an app on our cell phone (it takes about 3 days to authenticate that the device is online and communicating).

The busier the city or area, the more you can potentially make. The more devices around to communicate with your device, the more you can potentially make.

Folks are making money on the side, passively through these devices as they perform these tasks.

To get an idea of some of the smart products that use this IoT take a look below you’ll be amazed at what devices actually use this IoT.

Some of the devices are:

  • Smart Light Bulbs
  • Smoke Detectors
  • Alarm systems
  • Nest Thermostats
  • Security systems
  • Pet Feeders
  • Pet Locators
  • Security Cameras
  • Smart Thermostats

The list can go on and on and the list keeps growing daily.

A lot of the electric scooters, referred to as E-Scooters use these hotspots. The scooter companies are able to locate and track these scooters via the hotspots.

Also, vending machine owners are able to track their inventory and are alerted when they need to restock products.

The number of devices using this IoT is quickly growing as more companies jump on board with the idea.  In fact, over 1000 companies use a variety of these types of hotspots to communicate with their devices.

Now here is the good news!!!

The company building out this network is utilizing people’s homes, apartments, and businesses to build out the network. They call it, “The Peoples Network.”

A good majority of the current hotspots are homeowners.

One such company that is a major player in this IoT service is a company that uses Helium (HNT) crypto coins. HNT is currently over $25 as of this writing.

Getting paid in cryptocurrency may scare some folks away. However, even though you get paid in HNT you can very easily convert that to US dollars, not a problem.

Say your hotspot earns you 25 HNT and the market price for HNT that day is $25. You could very easily convert that HNT to $450 cash if you want. Some folks are saving the HNT they earn in their e-wallets and delaying cashing out as they feel HNT will before even more valuable.

Projections have HNT reaching about $60 by the end of 21′ and in the hundreds in the years after as more and more companies come on board to use the wireless services of the IoT.

The point here is it is totally up to you and it is your choice whether or not to convert some or all to USD.

Others get scared away by the word cryptocurrency. As you have probably heard, Amazon and many other big companies are now accepting payments in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Ok great, how can I take advanced of this IoT technology?

The Helium company building out this network is now giving away the hotspots for free (All you need to do is pay for shipping and handling).

They were charging $460 a month ago and again, are now giving them away for free to build this network out faster.

The only catch is they only need so many in an area. The devices have a 3 – 10 miles range and again need to communicate with other devices. If this is something that interests you, I strongly suggest that you check to see if your address is available?

If so you can reserve your address and then the company will ship you out a hotspot.

The hotspots are backlogged as Covid-19 has slowed the manufacturing process. The company is prioritizing the shipment of devices to first come first serve with the address location most needed first.

Just so you are aware, even if you live in an isolated farming area, these devices are still needed. Farming now is becoming more and more automated. Sensors in the ground determine moisture levels and automatically signal irrigations to water.

When the sensors determine adequate moisture levels smart devices turn off the irrigation systems.

So the point here is to let you know this network is being built out worldwide and even though you may think your area and ultimately address won’t be needed due to population you would be wrong.

So go here to secure your address this is not a scarcity tactic it is just how it is. The good thing is this is still relatively new and likely that you will be able to secure your address.

If your address is not oversaturated with hotspots, the Helium company will put you on the list and will prioritize which folks receive their hotspots first. Folks living in larger urban areas will most likely get their hotspots shipped first.

Again that does not matter, the main thing is to secure your address so your neighbor doesn’t take action before you do.

Since you are getting the hotspot for free you’ll be getting a percentage of the HNT mined per month. Another cool aspect of this is there is an affiliate marketing aspect to this.

You can share this with friends, family, and or co-workers, etc., and anyone who you bring aboard you will increase your percent of the HNT. The more folks you bless with this free Passive Income Generator the more you can make per month.

So be sure to learn more about that as you could be earning thousands per month just by sharing and growing your percentage. Folks you bring on could be earning a passive income for years to come.

Again, the thing to do now is, go and secure your location first. Even if your location is already taken, you can still build out a team just by sharing so all is not lost.

Once in the member’s area, you will be provided with a custom affiliate link to make sure whenever you share the link you get credit for bringing that person aboard.

There’s a lot of other cool ways to grow your team by sending mining reports and there are lots of training videos you can watch to learn more about the Helium network.

There are also weekly training sessions you can watch via Zoom to ask any questions etc.

If you would like to learn more about this type of passive income generation here is the link below, or to read our other article click here!

How to sign up and secure your address and start making money at home:

Go here to secure your address and get a free helium hotspot miner from ihubglobal!

Create a user name and password

Once logged in look on the left sidebar for the link heliumtracker.app it should automatically sign you in with the UN & PW you just created.

Look to the top right for the link “Reserve Your Hotspot” and you can enter your address

You will immediately be informed of whether or not your address is available to receive a free hotspot

Frequently asked questions (two common questions answered):

How much electricity do these Helium hotspots use?

About 5watts per day or less than $5 per year. If you live in a state like CA where utility costs are extremely high it may run you approximately $60 per year.

How safe are these devices I’m afraid of getting hacked?

The devices send FM radio signals so it is not conducive to transferring large amounts of data. However, you will still need to have wifi as Helium will need to communicate with your device to make sure it is online and for determining what tasks have been conducted and therefore how much you have earned.

Like anything with the internet, there is always the possibility of being hacked.

For added security, you could purchase another router and set it up as a guest router that is isolated from your main household internet. You can read more here.


This is a great opportunity to start creating some passive income for yourself and your family. Folks able to secure one of the free hotspots should be able to expect to see about $300 – $1600 estimated earning per month. These are estimates only as it all depends on the population density in your area, the number of hotspots in your immediate area to communicate with. With the affiliate marketing component of this, you can substantially increase your earnings per month depending upon how many family, friends, etc you bring on your team. And, this is not strictly for the USA. This is being built out worldwide as all cities with eventually become smart cities. So be sure to share with your Facebook friends to help them start making money at home. If your like most people you have most likely have worldwide connections you can share this with.

Taking action now could ensure you a nice sizeable passive income for years to come and help you start making money from home passively for years and years to come!


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