Free Crypto For Signing Up

Earn Free Crypto For Signing Up

Check out this brand new opportunity to earn free crypto for signing up! Yes, you read that right and if you sign up now you can earn $100 USD worth of crypto just for doing so. Refer friends and family via your affiliate link and earn another $100 in cryptocurrency. And, best part about this program is you can earn upto 100 percent of your purchases back in crypto currency everytime you shop and purchase through this app. It works the same as the cash back sites such as Rakuten and other popular website only with this app you get cryptocurrency.

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earn free crypto for signing up

Over 1,800 Companies Participating

Some of the biggest and well known US based companies are participating so all you have to do is shop online like you normally do and then within the month (usually in as little as days) you are rewarded cryptocurrecy back when the transactions are verified. There are over 1,800 of your favorite stores participation. Here are a few of the names: Ebay, Best Buy, AliExpress,, Abe Books, Fanatics and many, many, more. Again there are closee to 2K participating stores where you can earn 50%, and even up to 100% back of purchase price in crypto.

There are currently over 600,000 users and it is growing exponentially everyday. So click the link and get in on the future of online shopping. Simply download, register, and start shopping at 1,800+ participating stores. All your crypto you earn can easily be converted into USD or whatever other currency you prefer. Click below to get free crypto for signing up!

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get free crypto for signing up

Here is a step by step breakdown of how to get free crypto for signing up:

Download the app and register. Visit the sites through the app, shop as you usually do and make a purchase via available payment options.

Complete the purchase and earn crypto back.

Your item or items will come from the retailer as usual.

The crypto amount you’re rewarded will appear under your assets tab.

As I mentioned earlier, the rewards can take upto one month while your purchase is verified but generally will take much less time (it varies depending on participating retailers).

Once your purchase has been verified and approved, your crypto currency rewards will show in your assets tab on the app.

To encourage folks to hold onto their crypto, this company is offering to pay you interest (staking). You can earn upto 15% interest just for holding the coin and not converting into fiat currency. The reason this is done is to make less of the coin available on the open market, kind of a supply and demand thing. The less of the coin available on the open market the more valuable it becomes.

Think about the interest their paying you to stake the coin in your account. Your local bank only pays 1% or in many cases much less for anything in a savings account.

So click here now to get registered, download the app, and you will automatically get free crypto for signing up. Then send your affiliate link to family and friends and you will get more free crypto when they sign up.

free crypto earning sites

Visit some of your favorite stores and make a few purchases so you can see how everything works and then monitor the app to check that you receive your free crypto currency.

Once you see how everything works and you get rewarded with crypto back then it is only a matter of rinsing and repeating the process. Earn free crypto for signing up, earn free crypto currency for signiing up or referring friends and family, and for doing your online shopping through the crypto earning cash back app.

This is so awesome and exciting to me, the only thing that irritates me is that I unfortunately didn’t find out about this until after most of my online XMAS shopping was already completed 🙁 So take advantage of the free crypto earning sites they have listed and begin to bank your own cryptocurrency. And, don’t forget you’ll earn free crypto for signing up and also your friends will get free crypto for signing up when you send your referral link!

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Is this company legit?

Yes it is! I’ve personally signed up and received my free crypto for signing up (Up will recieve $100 USD worth of the crypto coin). This company is part of the FinTech Group of Japan and is publicly supported by Japan’s Tokyo Metropolitan Government. They hold several patents pertaining to cashback, rewards, & point redemptions.

What is the max amount you can earn back per purchase?

The maximum amount qualified to receive back is $10,000 per purchase in the coin. There are no limits in the number of qualifying purchases.

When will the 100% Crypto Back Offer end?

 Our users can enjoy this offer at any time. Please see the app for up-to-date store crypto back offering as this will be where you will be able to see any updates or changes.

Why isn’t my crypto back appearing on my account yet?

When the purchase has been verified, the earned value will appear in the assets tab in the app under owned coin. This may take several days or up to two months depending on how fast or slow the participating companies verify transactions.

When can I withdraw my crypto?

You can cash out your crypto-currency once the purchase pending period for the qualified purchases has ended. This period varies by store and generally takes about a month.

Can I get $100 worth of the coin using the in-app invitation code?

Yes. Share your invitation code with friends! As part of their special Christmas campaign, instead of the usual $50 you will earn $100 worth of cryptocurrency every time the code is used through December 25th 2021 JST.

People who register with your code will also earn $100 worth of SG after their first crypto back purchase has been approved. Your code can be used an unlimited number of times.


Cryptocurrency, in general, is becoming an increasingly popular form of currency because it has the potential to be more stable than other forms of government backed currencies. As a result, there are many people who want to invest in cryptocurrency but don’t know how or where they can get started. This app offers you access to hundreds of brands and allows you to earn free crypto for signing up and then simply by making purchases through the app. I urge you to take action on this opportunity to get free crypto for signing up now!

Thank you for reading and be on the lookout for more free crypto earning sites we plan on informing you about so you can get free crypto for signing up there too!

For now click below to get free crypto for signing up…..

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